Friday, October 30, 2015

Mini Science Kit

Before I had kids I imagined making most of the birthday presents for friends. Then the reality of parenting, work and how much the gift is appreciated hit me. When there's that magical trifecta of a project, time and the perfect recipient I'd rather make something.

In 1 week E is turning 6. He had preschool with Mr. 5 two years ago and they were a part of a 4 boy crew that was adorable. We kept in touch last year and this year the boys are in Kindergarten together. I asked mom for gift ideas. When she said he likes science kits I immediately knew I'd be putting together a DIY kit. Mr. 5 insisted on getting him some 'little Legos' (classic sized legos vs Duplos) so it will be a mini kit.

We are still pulling everything together, but right now I'm leaning towards the Science Kit Cards from Playdough to Plato with materials. Half way down she has 4 free cards I'll be using available for download and links to a bigger science pack that looks great. I may buy the bigger pack. Or download something from Steve Spangler Science.

So far we have these things from the dollar store:

A Container
Safety Goggles
Food Coloring
Small Plates

From our craft cart I've added:
Coffee Filters
Pipe Cleaners
Denture Cleaner tablets

I'm still planning on Skittles and maybe a funnel and measuring spoons.